10-13 September 2019 IEC "Expocentre", Moscow Free Ticket

Interlight Moscow Product Groups

Interlight Moscow is presenting the concept of mother brand Light + Building, by uniting two main
sections – Light and Building.

Lightning section is represented by the following product groups:

  • Components (NEW!)
  • Technical Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Electric Lamps
  • LED Technologies

Building section includes:

  • Intergrated Security Systems (NEW!)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Building Automation
  • Smart House product groups

Decorative Lighting


Decorative Lighting pavilion will traditionally present design solutions from European and Russian manufacturers. Pavilion is supported by Interlight Design Academy open conference platform featuring workshops and seminars for architects and designers.

The leading decorative lighting companies took part in Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building 2017: Aquaform (Poland), Durable (Germany), Elena Light (Iran), Mabelek/Signlight (Italy), Mantra (Spain) and Russian companies Arlight, Belaya Gvardiya, CITILUX, CRYSTAL LUX, D-LUCE, ELVAN, GLOBO RUS, Lightstar, SVK Lighting, Silver Light, Sonex, Sfera Sveta, LBT, Sem Ogney, SWGroup, Technolight, WINK and many others.

Technical Lighting


Technical Lighting - is one of the most demanded product group among our visitors.

Specialized lighting for offices, warehouses, shops and malls, architectural, urban and road lighting solutions will be presented at Interlight Moscow 2017 by the leading companies in this field: Elkamet (Germany), Esave (Switzerland), Fael Luce (Italy), GIGALIGHT, HOLM (USA), Klus (Poland), Khatod (Italy), MLS (Forest Lighting) (USA/China), PSL Elektronik (Turkey), Solux (Korea), nd Russian companies – AROS, Arlight, Ashasvetotekhnika, BL Trade, ESTARES by МAYSUN, Fereks, GK Sones, Gruppa SD, Griven Russia, ILG, IMG Lighting, iPro, Leds Power, Revolight, SDS Group, Simmetron, TDM Electric, Tsentrstroysvet, UNIEL, VAKK, YE-Interlnational and many others.

Integrated Security Systems


Smart Home & Building Automation is the unique platform that provides the most advanced technologies and intelligent solutions. The purpose of this section is to show that the future is available today. At Interlight Moscow 2018 will offer a wide range of innovative solutions for your home, workplace and even more, that will bring positive changes to your lifestyle.

 Today integrated safety systems are the trend in building automation, so in this year to our classic segments we add new positions: Warden and evacuation control systems, Access control and management systems (of building, garage, gate), Video surveillance systems, Alarm systems and Fire-alarm systems (visual/voice).

More on the new product group

Components NEW!


At Interlight Moscow 2018 we’ll pay special attention to this topic and focus on the participation of the producers and component’s distributors, who will present at their stands: LED, LED Modules, LED Drivers, PCB, Circuit board, Dimmers, Secondary optics/lenses, Wires and cables, Reflectors and diffusers, Tapes for PCB, Radiators and DMX. Controllers


More on the new product group

Home and building automation


Since its launch in 2012, exposition of Building Automation became a traditional sector of the trade fair. 

For 5 years professional association KNX International grants its Official support to Interlight Moscow and organizes a special exposition for Home and Building Automation - KNX Joint Booth. The exposition will present solutions from companies, opearting the international KNX standards and protocols: ABB, Arlight, ESYLUX, E-life (PHIDIAS), Embedded Systems Rus, GIRA, GK ARMO, iRidium mobile, Legrand, Real Electro, Rubetek, SGA, Songri Electric, Steinel, Vitrum, Thermokon and other companies.

Electrical Engineering


Due to increase of exhibitors presenting electrical engineering products and growth of visitors interest to this segment, we kept on developing and strengthening the exposition this year.

Electrical Engineering exposition was supported by extended advertising compaign in sepcialized media and educational program, developed by the experts of the industry.


Electric Lamps


This segments includes: Incandescent lamps, All purpose lamps, Halogen lamps, Light projector lamps, Fluorescent lamps, Infrared radiators, Metal halide lamps, Sodium discharge lamps, Mercury discharge lamps, High pressure lamps, Discharge lamps (HID-lamps), Accessories and blank materials for electrical lamps.



LED Technologies


LED technologies and products are traditionally in a focus of attention of Itnerlight Moscow powered by Light + Building.

Products: LED modules, LED converter, LED accessories, OLED lamps, LED lamps and LED fittings.



This segments includes:

software, lighting design (architectural, internal), recycling, secondary use, measuring equipment, institutes / organizations / associations, specialized press, publishing houses.