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Integrated Security Systems

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Integrated Security Systems

Bigger, more comprehensive and futuristic

Smart Home & Building Automation is the unique platform that provides the most advanced technologies and intelligent solutions. The purpose of this section is to show that the future is available today. At Interlight Moscow 2018 will offer a wide range of innovative solutions for your home, workplace and even more, that will bring positive changes to your lifestyle.

 Today integrated safety systems are the trend in building automation, so in this year to our classic segments we add new positions

  • Warden and evacuation control systems
  • Access control and management systems (of building, garage, gate)
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Fire-alarm systems (visual/voice)

Growing and developing market of security and protection technologies

In recent years a need to raise the security level has significantly increased. Building Security is an important aspect of intelligent building services technology in both commercial and private sectors. This direction includes video survelliance, fire and security alarm systems, access controls systems and outdoor lighting. Together with the usual electrical engineering and building automation directions, they form a new dimension and set up new points of intersection.

Continuing transition from analog to digital technology leads to changes in processes of building management. Thanks to global digitalization, applications from different directions can be united in a single automation network. Without such step, the flexible use of all existing technologies is impossible.

Building automation plays a leading role in the market

The building automation section is focused on standards that will be relevant in the future. They apply and integrate related system technologies that control, regulate and measure all the important components and systems of building technical management. This area has key function, which is also important from the point of energy-efficient work of building and subsequent modernization.

Relying on all this, Interlight Moscow 2018 concentrates on the integration of various systems that help to implement a comprehensive approach to building automation. In particular, it is about energy efficiency and safety.

The result of the work towards the integration will be the site, where the integrated service technology center of building automation will be presented. Visitors will get access to the full spectrum of building automation in combination with safety and energy efficiency technologies at Interlight Moscow 2018.

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