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LED Forum 2018

The largest business conference in Russia and CIS devoted to the opportunities of LED technologies. The main accent of this year was made by the special section with the official representatives from the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

LED Forum is an integral part of the Interlight Moscow Fair. Every year this format demonstrates LED technologies’ expansion scope. The 12th edition continued the given trend, highlighting the latest achievements of knowledge and industry.

A large number of participants (75 representatives from 60 leading Russian museums) showed profound interest to museum lighting topic. The ensuing discussion revealed that many questions are still being formulated incorrectly. We are now at the very beginning of the journey leading to developed standards and guidelines for museums on LED usage. We would be pleased to continue our cooperation with LED Forum to deliver various reports for further mutual discussions”.


LED Forum had 4 sessions. Speakers from leading companies of the industry presented their vision, achievements and shared their expertise.

Session 1 - "Lighting: outdoor advertising and retail"

Representatives of the industry discussed new opportunities for the market. Usage of LED technologies within the focus of its price reduction. Digital signage as a driving point for shopping malls.

Target Auditory:

  • Advertising agencies, outdoor advertising operators;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Representatives of industry regulators;
  • Developers and integrators of equipment.

Session 2 - "Lighting in agricultural sector: hothouses"

The topic, actively discussed for several years at the Forum, does not lose its relevance and invariably gathers a large number of representatives of the agro-industrial complex. The Association "Greenhouses of Russia" supported this topic. In addition to the speeches of the leading agribusinesses (results of pilot projects), the participants of the Forum heared the report of the VNISI representatives on the topic of research in the field of greenhouse lighting, presented at the largest lighting conferences Lux Pacifica (Japan) and CIE (Taiwan).

Target Auditory:

  • Representatives of the agro-industrial sector (including regional);
  • Representatives of industry regulators;
  • Developers and integrators of equipment.

Session 3 - "Lighting in cultural establishments: museums, galleries, exhibitions"

The session "Light in cultural institutions: museums, galleries, exhibition grounds" was held with the participation of leading museums in Russia. Representatives of the industry discussed lighting issues in cultural institutions: light as a new mean of communication with visitors of museums / galleries / exhibition grounds. Light as one of the methods for moving visitors' flows within the venue. The session opened N. Chechel, Deputy Director of the Department of Museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The moderator was A. Bogdanov, Deputy Director General of the State Hermitage for Exploitation.

Among the speakers were representatives of the State Historical Museum, the Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

Target Auditory:

  • Museums / galleries / exhibition grounds (including regional venues);
  • Developers and integrators of equipment.

Session 4 - Special session with representatives of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

"Regulation Mechanisms of light technical market in Russia and abroad: Standards and Certification"

The special session was devoted to the issues of manufacturers' entry to foreign markets and requirements for product certification.



Successful experience of cooperation with the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Light Engineering named after SI Vavilov and the leading lighting consulting company "Lighting Business Consulting" (LBC) was spread over the 2018 year.


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The spread of LED lighting is closely related to the development of production technologies, which expands the possibilities of their application. Also this trend has a tangible result - LEDs help to reduce energy consumption and, accordingly, costs


Panasonic is developing the direction of vertical greenhouses in Japan, China, Singapore and is already launching pilot projects in Russia. LED lighting usage for growing vegetables in the urban environment is a very interesting and perspective topic for discussion. LED Forum is an excellent discussion platform and a good place to find partners for this innovative direction.

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