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Intersec Forum Russia 2018

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8 November 2018 South Hall, IEC "Expocentre", Moscow Participate

Intersec Forum Russia makes its debut

Intersec Forum is dedicated to building automation and integrated security systems. 

Intersec Forum will be held with the official support of the Competence Center for the Development of the Urban Environment of the Ministry of Construction of Russia with representatives of IBM, PwC, Panasonic, Cisco, Siemens, KNX International, Kaspersky Lab and a number of other companies.

The Intersec / Secutech brand is represented in different countries all over the world: fairs devoted to the topics of building automation, safety and security take place in Germany, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, etc. 

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Companies working in the field of building automation and security, IoT, video surveillance, predictive analytics will disclose three topics:

1. "Smart home" - security and building automation systems in residential real estate;

2. "Smart office" - security and building automation systems in commercial real estate;

3. "Smart City" - trends and development prospects.

According to the report* of the PwC Competence Center in the field of IoT in Russia, the Internet of things is gradually changing the algorithms of companies' work and consumer behaviour, making cities "smarter" and changing the scope of production. As the IoT develops, mankind will witness much more serious changes in the sphere of "connected" and "smart" solutions, as a result of which many industries, business strategies of companies and habitual way of life may change.

* - Eight key technologies of "Internet of Things", PwC, October 2017.

Target auditory

Intersec Forum is addressed to developers, representatives of state structures and industry regulators, cities planning to enter the government program "digitalization of cities", developers and integrators.

The focus is going to be made on existing examples from key industry players. We will speak about global (European) and local (Russian) experience.  Developers, city governments together with manufacturers and integrators will share their own experience.


Representatives of the leading companies in the field of development along with representatives of IBM, PwC, Panasonic, Cisco, Siemens, KNX International, Kaspersky Lab and a number of other companies will share their vision and experience.


Intersec Forum will be held with the official support of the Competence Center for the Development of the Urban Environment of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, authoritative professional associations: KNX International, EnOcean Alliance, Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, Russian Biometric Society.

Messe Frankfurt RUS in the Intersec Forum Russia will also implement the successful experience of cooperation with Association of European Businesses (AEB) and Smart Building Consulting (member of Lighting Business Consulting company group). 

Key advantages

  • Speakers are key players in the industry from both sides (manufacturers and buyers of products)
  • Practical cases of companies and analytics
  • Market development and demand forecasts made by market leaders
  • Presentation of new products and solutions
  • Opportunities for communication and establishing new contacts

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The Russian security market is both – potent and eager. Especially, within professional environments demands are propelling. The wish for interconnected, interoperable and smart security systems is one of the driving factors. Intersec forum Russia provides an opportunity for the security industry and commercial users alike: to discuss, to plan, to shape.

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Implementation of intelligent security technologies is getting more and more essential in commercial and residential real estate. Intersec forum Russia and the new division Integrated Security Systems reflect the main trends defining the Smart City.


Huge varieties of technologies, including healthy nutrition are used at the concept of Smart cities and Smart Society 5:0. Such a concept is under realization in Japan now. We are happy that Intersec forum Russia raises such questions and forms the necessary ground for the discussion. Such a negotiation platform will definitely draw lots of public attention to global problems.

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The future of cities will be shaped by the Internet of Buildings, continuous network communication technology, as well as by smart data, as a resource for forecasting the balanced development of urban infrastructure. Dialogue with the buildings will allow us Creating perfect places for work and leisure.


Living in a big city is always kind of stressful, and the concept of a smart city allows this stress to be significantly reduced. Fortunately for us, architects and developers of smart city systems have recently begun to pay extra attention to issues of cybersecurity and the Intersec forum Russia shows it well.


The new global markets of colossal capacities are being formed right in front of our eyes. We are already on track with increased demands of smart homes and smart devices. Our future sees many jobs and work – be it private, industrial, state or other forms of customers – and the demand for such services will only increase. The market has undeniably seen an upward lurch and is ready to enter a new phase, where the opportunities of smart solutions will almost be infinite.

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Security plays a worldwide growing role, as more and more applications are connected to the internet. Especially, when it comes to the own home, everybody needs to be sure that no malicious intend can not only temper with your smart home, but also prevent to put you in danger. Therefore, KNX Association did not only raise awareness for this topic, with the implementation of the new KNX Secure, based on AES128 encryption, KNX provides the highest security standards available in the market.

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Today, building automation and integrated security systems are facing new market challenges, i.e. have to actively contribute at the operation stage and provide updated information to facility management systems and BIM models. As a result, a digital twin of any site must fulfill one of key objectives that is save money throughout the longest stage of a building lifecycle. Intersec Forum is a perfect venue to understand how mature building management and security systems are to address this challenge.

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"Smart City" is an endless process of improving the city's systems, its self-improvement. It does not determine the levels of security or embedded algorithms - the main criterion here is to improve the comfort of the habitat of citizens. There are many examples in the world of how a competent approach to the arrangement of life in the city brought it to a qualitatively new level. Including using modern intellectual tools. In the future, artificial intelligence will assist people in his daily cognitive activities.



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