6–9 November 2018 Moscow become partner

V All-Russian KNX Olympics

All-Russian KNX Olympics is the official contest among installers of building automation equipment under the KNX protocol.

Venue: IEC “Expocentre”, Pavilion 1, World Skills area

Dates: November 6 - 9, 2018

Award Ceremony: To be held at the "Electrical Engineering Academy" conference venue, Pavilion 1, stand 1.A80, on November 9, at 14:30.


The Olympiad is held in one stage. Each participant will be asked to complete the task of configuring and configuring KNX devices for a while. The winner and awardees of the KNX Olympics will be selected at the least time for the task, taking into account mistakes made during the task. Each error that is committed during the task, adds a penalty time.

The winners will be determined in the following nominations:

1. The Best Integrator 2018

2. The Best girl - integrator 2018

3. The Best student - integrator 2018

4. KNX Prof Team *

* Several representatives of one and the same company can participate in this nomination.

The winner in each of the nominations will be awarded with a special prize from the KNX International: Mini-PC + ETS Inside license.


Special prizes from GIRA:

  • The Best Integrator - baseball cap and thermos bottle
  • The Best Girl-integrator -  umbrella and information plate
  • The Best- Student-Integrator - holdall and notebook
  • The Best Team Classification - 3 prize frames

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